Vancouver’s breezes carry the scents of nature and aromas of all the urban delights you’d expect from a city regularly voted, “the Worlds most livable”.

The city takes its name from the British navigator who landed here in 1792. The original settlement was called “Gastown”, in honor of Gassy Jack, who built the city’s first tavern. Gassy Jack and his makeshift pub may be long gone, but in the historic neighborhood of Gastown, his spirit lingers on.

Vancouver’s early history continues at Waterfront Station, the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The railway’s construction brought Chinese workers by the thousands, whose descendants have enriched Vancouver ever since. Experience this interweaving of cultures in Chinatown, where the fusing of Oriental flavors with local seafood has helped earn the city the title, “the Culinary Capital of Canada.”

After visiting Vancouver’s central highlights, ride the ferry to Granville Island. Stock up on provisions at the Granville Island Public Market and sample craft ales at Granville Island Brewing. From Granville Island, head to Queen Elizabeth Park on Little Mountain, a peaceful oasis high above the city.

When it’s time to answer the call of the wild, cross the Lions Gate Bridge to The North Shore, a wilderness where bears roam and salmon-filled rivers flow through old-growth forests. Less than a two-hour drive from the city is Whistler Blackcomb Resort, the largest ski resort in North America. The beautifully connected runs here cater to all skill levels and attract elite skiers and beginners from all over the globe.



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  3. but to quote Nellie McCulung — suffragette — 1936 — about Vancouver " the anaesthesia of beauty {of this place} had me in its clutches" as she discussed why she failed to write the biography of her peers — and this during the great depression ..

    80yrs later — an even more refined place to be… from a Native Ontarian visiting his son May 19-June 3, 2017

  4. lovely place. But put off by tedious visa application!!! Hope Canada government will scrap some Commonwealth countries visa requirement. We come to your Canada to boast up your tourism income not being interrogated for a couples of stupid question!

  5. make sure you stay west of hastings …cause east of hastings is the craziest zombie drug neighborhoods you will ever see

  6. OMG, guys! Don't go to gas town! It is horrible! I got a attacked by a homeless guy and I saw people injecting drugs in the street. It was really scary!

  7. Great video. I love love Vancouver , BC and Vancouver Island , BC. Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park in this video were described to a T. Just a beautiful and Magical City. Wish I could see it all again. It was more then a decade since I was there the first time.

  8. I love this city. It's not perfect, but nowhere is. I'm making weekly videos around Vancouver about fun things to do…. if anyone wants to join the journey, come have a look 🙂

  9. Anyone lives here, how it's like to live in Vancouver any racism,crime or anything bad and of course tell me the pros and cons too. Is there lots of Asians cuz I heard that's there's lots of asians there, I'm not rasict or anything i just can't trust the media. I want to hear from their people Im thinking of moving here should I? Thanks 😉
    Vancouverites 💗

  10. What a shitty weather there and people think it's the best in Canada. Rainy winters with no snow at all, never. Very short and not even warm summers. They don't have 4 seasons and all of their seasons suck

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