Tricks to save money while you are traveling
Travel is fun but expensive too. Most of us would love to go for multiple vacations in a year if our budget would let us.

Travel is fun but expensive too. Most of us would love to go for multiple vacations in a year if our budget would let us. How would it be if you can save while you travel? Let us share some tricks on how to save while you are vacationing so that you can go for more trips without worrying about your bank balance.

Plan your trip in advance

By booking your tickets in advance you can save a lot of money. There are more ways to save on air tickets and here are a few tips. Avoid peak seasons. Check different sites to get the most competitive rates on tickets. Book night flights if possible, as they are cheaper. You can fly indirect or select flights with stopovers as they cost less. It is also important to be flexible.

Tricks to save on food

Foods are one of the major expenses that you have to incur while traveling. There are several tricks to cut down on your food bill. Always carry snacks like cookies, chips and nutrition bars while traveling. This would save you from buying food at airports which are usually costly. Moreover, you should carry a bottle of water always. Although it may seem only a few dollars, over a fortnight the amount would be substantial. Use your smartphone to find affordable restaurants at foreign lands. Breakfasts are usually expensive in hotels. Just walk around and you can find local cafes where you can eat delicious food at much cheaper rates. At hotels, opt for combo meals as they cost lesser. If you are staying at a place for a long period, go for a vacation home instead of a hotel. It would be adventurous and you can get a taste of local lifestyle.

How to save on transportation?

It is not necessary to always hire cars while traveling. If you are in Europe, the train is an excellent option. You can avail of travel passes that cost less compared to car rentals. Opting for public transportation can save you loads of money. This is also exciting if you are in cities like London and Paris where you can enjoy the city views. Explore unknown places on foot. This gives an opportunity to know the local people, find out inexpensive shops and eating joints. There is fun in exploring a city and understanding its spirit.

Shopping? You can save here also

Just don’t get carried away. Plan what you want and then go shopping. Choose duty-free shops. Find out local shops instead of shopping malls. Make a list of the people you have to gift mementos and stick to it while shopping. There is no point in buying dozens of key rings and mugs and find them lying around in your own home. Traveling is much more enjoyable if you follow these tricks and save yourself some money. This way, you can go for more vacations and enjoy yourself more.

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