Welcome to Toronto, the largest city in Canada and a hub of trade and culture.

“The City That Works” is full of a can-do spirit that is reflected in its buildings. From the famous CN Tower to the castle-like Casa Loma, there’s all sorts of eye candy for the architecture enthusiast. Your Toronto tour should include a trip to Edward Gardens in Hyde Park, or one of the many other green spaces located in the city. Take a bike ride along the trails, or enjoy a picnic while the local chipmunks look on. Don’t drop anything; they’ll grab it.

Your Toronto sightseeing can continue at the Harborfront Center. Go for a walk along the marina, or grab a pint at a brewhouse. And no trip to Toronto is complete without a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, so make sure you’ve got your team paraphernalia in order before you venture inside. Looking for shopping? You’ll find the Underground City and Kensington Market ready to welcome you and your credit card – or several credit cards, as the case may be. After a day of madcap purchasing, why not stock up on fresh, healthy food at the St. Lawrence Market? You’ll have worked up quite an appetite for delicious local produce.

Before you leave, head to Niagara Falls and take in the spectacle of nature’s power. You’ll never forget the sight and sound of all that water pouring over the falls, nor will you ever forget your trip to Toronto.

Visit our Toronto travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!



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  1. Yeah,You're Right 'n I Like Ur Videos So Much! I Live in Toronto And I like it it's very comfortable city! and You'd like that! And I saw your videos are amazing Views! Millions I have no videos in my channel (Mine) And I explored a Museum It was Amazin'! And Toronto've So Many Supermarkets And I has (Some) no Bananas???!! I surprised that but It's true It has no Banana Maybe They're forgot or it's I don't know Strange….

  2. I want to live in Toronto or Vancouver, because I find the two cities perfect for my lifestyle, which is the best? Hugs from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

  3. lovely video. I am moving to Edinburgh very soon. Will visit Toronto someday after that. Thanks expedia. your videos are great…

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