When you’ve explored Central Park and Midtown Manhattan, it’s time to tour Times Square.

This is the glowing center of the New York Theater District. When you picture New York, Times Square is probably the second thing that comes to mind (after the city’s famous skyline), with its neon signs, giant buildings, and constant stream of humanity coming and going. Times Square adopted its name in 1904, after the New York Times moved in. The newspaper has since moved on, but the moniker stuck.

Once you arrive in the Big Apple, head on down to the center of Times Square, where you’ll find a plaza for you to sit, hang out, and people-watch. Shop at the many stores lining the Square, or lean back to see the top of notable buildings belonging to businesses like Hershey and M&M. When the sun goes down, the lights shine even brighter; follow the signs and billboards to the theatres, where you’ll find the musicals, comedies, and dramatic performances you didn’t even realize you were searching for.

Your Times Square sightseeing isn’t over after you take in a play, though. Why not explore some of the various restaurants and cafes that are open late at night? After all, New York is The City That Never Sleeps—why should you?

Visit our Times Square travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!



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  1. Times Square: The Heart of NY. This place is electrifying. Bright lights and thousands of people. New York is the city that never sleeps and Times Square is truly magical with something going on all and every day. Times Square is full of life 24/7. A must see in New York City. "Lights, People, New York!!"

  2. times square never sleeps everything is open 24hrs you can go there any time of day or night the businesses are open and the streets are wall to wall crowded, nice scenic tourist trap

  3. I remember as a kid back in the 1950's 60's, you could pretty much walk through Times Square…And I night with all the theaters lit up it was beautiful…Still looks good, but it's become a freakshow…And the movie theaters are gone…My friend and I had a spaghetti dinner in an Italian restaurants..The meals cost 65cents for the both of us…I gave the waiter a dollar tip…The waiter fell all over me…He brushed off my jacket as I was putting it on…I'll never forget..And I was only a kid…A dollar tip back then was a very big tip…Today they would throw back at you…

  4. look at this crazy peoples this is just time square man go visit other borough or places how about qweens or Brooklyn. can't walk here because some idiots taking selfie in the middle of an active sidewalk during rush hours…

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