Venture to Tainan and explore Taiwan’s oldest city. Known as “The Birthplace of Taiwan,” Tainan invites you to gain an appreciation for the local history. First, visit the historic quarter of Anping to see the remnants of a merchant house held together by banyan roots, and then check out Chihkan Tower and discover the city’s most important artifacts.

Tainan is steeped in history and tradition, as it features 2,000 temples and shrines. Head to the Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple, located across from Chihkan Tower. Visit the altar set up for Guan Gong—the patron saint of soldiers—and marvel at the 300-year-old plum tree in the courtyard. After a day spent learning about the culture, take a stroll in Tainan Natural Park for a peek at the mangroves and wetlands.

Hungry? Bring your appetite to “The City of Snacks,” where you’ll find cuisine with Chinese, Dutch, and Japanese influences. There’s street food around nearly every corner, and vendors serve up affordable portions, so you can sample a little bit of everything.




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  1. I am a local in the city of Tainan! Tho I've ever lived at Taichung and Taipei for several years, Tainan remains my favorite city in Taiwan. Thanks for shooting this great video! Just incredible! (Y)

  2. Tainan,my hometown,which my beloved city. Although I'm working in Yilan and no longer live in here. Everytime back in here always touch me. Thank u Expedia and welcome all friends around the world visit here!

  3. This video beautifully shows how amazing Tainan is.
    A city of helpful people and historic sights while being close to the ocean.
    Truly the food capital of Taiwan!

  4. Hello, I'm a student in Kaohsiung.
    This video is incredibly amazing.
    May I clip this video as a part that introduceTaiwan in a cultural activity in my school(National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences)?

  5. UGH, the two cities in Taiwan I wanted to visit most Tainan and Lukang I had to skip, because they were too difficult to get to. Less than 2 hours by bullet train, yes. But she forgot to mention the bullet train stops about 10 miles outside the city center and even further from Anping. So you need a lot of time and money for transportation. A day trip from Taipei is virtually impossible.

  6. Lived in this city from 1969-1972 father  was in the US Air Force. I would love to go back and see the changes. Any info on old air force base school etc? Details on air travel hotel etc

  7. Tainan has a lot of airpollution. I am not sure how they measure it, but as someone who has been in traffic in other Asian cities that are considered 'polluted' Tainan is a special case. Imagine 1 million 2 cycle motors buzzing around and smoking up narrow roadways, and you have no choice but to breath it in. People wear these paper masks, but that only means you breath the toxins deeper into your lungs. I used to get sick and nearly pass out at the intersections. But the Tainanese grow up with it, so they don't really know any different. They actually say that Taipei is worse, which just shows their pride and lack of logic, as they frequently express how Taipei people are mean, and their food (Tainan literally puts heaping amounts of table sugar and syrups to make everything sweet) is not good as Tainan's, and yada yada yada. There is however a place of refuge to get a wif of real fresh air, and that place is the beach. Tainan has miles of potentially great beach front. Unfortunately, it is a flat out shame that the locals only know how to throw their trash there. I cannot believe people all over Taiwan do not demand a more accessible beach from the HSR, rather than the inconveniant Kenting.

    The Anping River could use some sprucing up as well. It looks and smells horrible. I been all over in Asia and I would say that the air pollution in Tainan is the worst I ever expereinced.

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