Small and heavily populated, Singapore is an easy place to explore; nothing in the city is more than an hour from the business district. Thanks to modern construction and outstanding architecture, Singapore is rapidly becoming a powerhouse trade city, but it maintains ties to its Asian roots through traditional temples and many cultural hotspots, like Little India and Kampong Glam.

Your Singapore tour must include the Botanical Gardens and Orchid Gardens, both beautiful and notable places to visit. If you’re a fan of exotic animals, stop by the Singapore Zoo and check in with its 300-plus species that take up residence there. You can also take a “bumboat” from Changi Beach to Pulau Ubin, set away from the bustling city, and delight in its quiet mangroves.
No Singapore sightseeing is complete without a visit to Marina Bay, a glowing, high-tech vision of the future, or Orchard Road, which boasts enough shopping to keep you occupied for several rainy afternoons.



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  1. Singapore may be a good country but they r looters at the immigration, I visited there but they denied entry to country and took 400 dollars from me n return me from there , they r just looters ,

  2. Ughhh I wanna travel here so badly! I finally got to visit China and Japan last semester (study abroad), and my interest in traveling around Asia is at an all-time high

  3. 不错┗|`O′|┛ 嗷~~东方文明城市的样板。就是哎,恐怕好多人都不会汉字了吧,也许有天汉文化会完全在新加坡消失。

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