Welcome to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Start your adventure at the K-Style Hub, a state-of-the-art visitor centre where South Korea’s past, present and future converge.
At the head of Gwanghwamun Square sits the statue of Sejong the Great, whose reign oversaw a golden age of literature, science and technology. The great leader sits before the grandest of Seoul’s five royal palaces, Gyeongbokgung, the Palace of Shining Happiness.
A short bus or subway ride to the east, are the adjoining palaces of Changdeokgung and Changgyeongung, while just to the south at Deoksugung Palace, see the changing of the guard which takes place three times each day.
Just to the west, is the last of Seoul’s great palaces, Gyeonghuigung, a royal refuge in times of unrest.
After exploring Seoul’s temple complexes, see how ordinary Koreans once lived at the Namsangol Hanok Village. Then explore the Korea Furniture Museum where over 2000 exquisite items of furniture are displayed within ten traditional houses. The story of Korean craftsmanship continues at the National Museum of Korea, which houses national treasures such as the Ten Story Pagoda.
Close to Seoul’s great South Gate is Namdaemun Market, where locals have been bargaining hard for over 600 years. Looking for some Gangnam style? Head just upriver to Samseong-dong, the Beverly Hills of Seoul.
Spend a few hours in the wooded surrounds of the Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple, a peaceful antidote to the fierce pace of Seoul’s shopping. Then hike to the peak of Namsan, and take in the sweeping views from Seoul’s iconic tower. When the sun gets low, join locals on the banks of the Han River to see the Banpo Bridge erupt in waves of water and light.



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  1. 누가 당신을 그리쳐다보나요??이쁘지도않은데…그리고 타이페이도 더러운곳 엄청많은데..서울은 종로구에있는 은행나무있는곳만 콕찍어말하네.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ타이페이면 한국 광역시수준의 도시아닌가…

  2. Seoul is a good place to visit or travel!
    The tranportation systems of Seoul is the most efficiency in the world! (such as Seoul subway systems which is comprised of 21 lines with about 1,100 km length! and all lines provide English announcement!)
    People in seoul are so kind and friendly! If you visit Seoul, you can not only visit old palaces or architectures but also feel nature with clean air because Seoul is surrounded by mountains and also many mountains are located middle of Seoul.
    It's because Joseon dynasty(1392~1910) chose the caplital as a seoul for defencing against enemies! They also made long walls for defencing their capital!
    If you visit Seoul, you can enjoy modern city, fantastic view, nature and tradition!
    For these reasons i think Seoul has a value of you guys visiting!
    MY ENGLISH SKILLS ARE NOT PERFECT TO READ TT From Incheon, just neighbor city of Seoul, South Korea!

  3. Note to the editor of this piece: You shouldn't cut to the music while music is playing in the background. It brings attention away from the voiceover and to the music. It's quite distracting! You want to do the opposite. Let the V/O tell the story. Otherwise great job!

  4. 일본은 우리나라꺼 다 해쳐먹고 잘살고있음 지금생각하니 그때 우리나라는 아무것도 없었고 일본은 풍족했었네

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