The places LGBT travelers should never visit

Since the development of the human society, there have been many controversies. Some have been resolved while a few still persist. However, the greatest and most controversial of these is regarding the LGBT movement. People around the world have started recognizing that we can have different sexual orientation and that does not make us less human. However, there are still a few places where their rights are not considered legal.


This African country is a favorite with people who love history, archeology and the myths. However, the country is not a safe place for LGBT people. Same-sex relationships are illegal in this country. Such relationships, even between consenting adults, fetch punishment by law. So, no matter how much you want to see the pyramids and the sand dunes, it would be wise to avoid traveling to Egypt if you belong to the LGBT community.


This may surprise you that the country which gave the world new political ideologies is so regressive when it comes to recognizing the rights of the Lesbian, gay and transgender people. These people face a lot of social and legal issues in Russia. Although the country has legalized same-sex relationships between consenting adults in private, it is against any type of pro-gay activities. The LGBT people in Russia have a long fight in front of them.


Never visit Nigeria, no matter how much you like the country. The government of this country is strictly against any kind of same-sex relationships. The LGBT people may land up in jail for 14 years. Moreover, 97% of the people of this country are also against such relationships. Things are regressive here and it may take years to change the mindset.


Islamic countries generally consider same-sex relationships as sin. Morocco, being one of these countries stigmatizes these relationships. The laws regarding this issue are quite strong. People from the LGBT community often face physical assaults here. Although close to the European countries, the Moroccans continue to be hostile to gays and lesbians.


This neighbor of Russia has strong anti-gay laws in place. The LGBT community is fighting for their rights but till now has not got any positive response. Keeping in mind safety issues, LGBT travelers should not visit this country.

LGBT community

There are other countries where the LGBT community is not given equal rights. Iran, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania are a few examples. It is advised that LGBT travelers keep these countries outside their bucket list. It seems they have to fight a long battle to make this world a fair and just place that treats all people equally.

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