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Lake Louise – City Video Guide

Lake Louise is just 60 km from Banff and Banff National Park. While most creatures are hibernating in the winter, Lake Louise is just coming to life. Frozen waterfalls, alpine woodlands, and plenty of chances to play on the snow all make Lake Louise an ideal place to visit during winter time.

Lake Louise tourism opportunities are a dream come true for snow lovers. The Lake Louis ski area has a whopping 42 acres of mountain terrain and well over 100 marked trails. Snowboarders are also welcome to make their way down the mountain. What better way to do some Lake Louise sightseeing than on the back of a dogsled? Dogsledding is a true adventure, taking you through forest trails.

Once you’ve had your fill of the slopes, slow things down with an ice skating excursion or snowshoe across the frozen lake. Enjoy Lake Louise tours in a horse drawn carriage, where you can soak up the chilled air and have a magical winter experience. While you have your choice of accommodations, none quite compare to the Fairmont Chateau, which sits right on the shore of the lake and is exquisitely outfitted.

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  1. These clips are not getting the feedback that you were looking for. I say they look really good but I haven't seen your recent work, I'm working my way up, from oldest to newest

  2. Ah… lake Louise… the fond memories… I remember when I went there when I went to Banff. If I can remember correctly, there is a restaurant somewhere on lake Louise. There is also an ice castle, and let me tell you, it is fun. For the dog and horse drawn sleigh ride, I would've fell asleep if it wasn't for my sister, who kept on poking me! Well… have fun at lake Louise and have a great day!😘👋🏻

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