Ho Chi Minh City, on the southern tip of Vietnam, is one of South East Asia’s emerging boom cities. Still affectionately known by many as Saigon, this is Vietnam’s largest city and its economic engine room.

Ho Chi Minh City has an irrepressible soul and an entrepreneurial energy that hums day and night. Despite almost a century of colonialism and brutal conflict, today this city is renowned for its warm hospitality, which even extends to former foes. A youthful enthusiasm flows through this city, just like the stream of scooters, motorbikes and cars that flow endlessly through its chaotic streets.

In Ho Chi Minh City, it feels as though the future has arrived… and yet the past is never far away. Wide boulevards built during the French colonial era are lined with cutting edge skyscrapers, while jasmine scented temples gently rub shoulders with chic rooftop bars

More than 9 million people call Ho Chi Minh City home and the dynamic energy of its streets is part of its charm. The city is divided into a series of numbered districts and District One is where almost all of the city’s main attractions can be found.

As the sun goes down, find yourself a seat at one of Ho Chi Minh City’s famous rooftop bars, a perfect way to soak up the buzz of the city.

Dynamic, chaotic and energizing. Ho Chi Minh city may have burst onto the world stage as a battle zone but today, there is no better destination to plug in to the pulse of 21st century Asia.



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  1. Cùng xem để ủng hộ tăng view cho thành phố Hồ Chí Minh nhiều hơn Bangkok hay Malaysia đi, ai là người Việt Nam thì xem nhiều tăng view cho video này đi :3

  2. Thank you, Expedia for amazing presentation on HCMC. Welcome to Vietnam with hospitable and outgoing people, beautiful scenery and excellent cuisine !

  3. Thank Expedia so much for your great introduction on Ho Chi Minh City.
    Hope you continue to introduce Hanoi, the capital City of Vietnam, to the World.
    Antique architecture has been based on this land. Food is also great attractions to foreigners…

  4. But this city is belong to Cambodia under French colonial , and also lost since 1949 .
    All Cambodian people wish on election day next year 2018 change the leader and we want to get our land back and control by Cambodian ministry .

  5. Không có lũ bake chó cs thì Sai gòn đâu thúi quắt như bây giờ.Fucking nourth vietnam ( cộng sản bắc kỳ Hà nội).I from in Ho chi minh city

  6. This good video! i love this!! 😊
    – Hi ! my name is Hằng.(nickname : annie)Im born and living in HCMC. I studying Tourism. So i Hope can make friends with some who want come to HCMC. and i can recoment for my new friend some thing here!! 😉

  7. Miss Saigon so much. I grew up there, but haven't gone back in 5 years. If your thinking about going to Vietnam its best to know a local. They'll show you the way around.

  8. i hope you like vietnam if you don't like this country ……..fuck off
    and don't say anything
    thanks so much to some people traivel in vietnam and hope you like vietnam

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