Situated at the very centre of Polynesia, the Cook Islands is an archipelago nation comprised of 15 islands. It is spread across an area in the South Pacific, three times the size of Texas..

Supremely beautiful, with pristine white sands fringed by coconut palms, the Cook Islands possess a castaway island magic and yet is only a four hour flight from New Zealand.

According to legend, these tiny islands, dotted amongst the vast ocean, were discovered thousands of years ago by the very finest Polynesian seafarers. Guided by the stars and using other sophisticated navigation techniques, they landed their legendary double hulled Vakas and set about creating paradise.

It is a rhythm you’ll feel as soon as you touch down in Raratonga, the largest island in the group.
You could easily drive around this sparkling island in half an hour if you hurry, but that’s the charm of the Cook Islands….. no one does.

It has been almost 250 years since Captain Cook became the first European to discover these islands and yet there is a gentle timelessness that endures here.

Come and discover the generous rhythm and warm hospitality of the Cook Islands for yourself.



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  1. I went to Rarotonga for 8 days and then stayed in Aitutaki for 3 days. It was absolutely beautiful there.. I would actually love to move there. I thought I would rewatch this video and see what I recognized and this seriously made me smile and think of my lovely trip ^^ Wish I could have stayed..

  2. I have been to one such island country- Maldives. Everything there is breathtaking and so beautiful that you doubt your own eyes. But life becomes monotonous in not more than 7 days and you want to come back home.

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