Best Pizza Places in Copenhagen
Best Pizza Places in Copenhagen

Are you feeling stressed out? Why don’t you take a break and go on a vacation? Come to Copenhagen. The happiest city in the world is the best place to relax your strained nerves and revitalize your soul. People love Copenhagen for its laidback lifestyle, cafes and craft studios. Add to it the culinary experience that would leave you yearning for more.
Apart from Danish food, there are pizza joints also to make your Copenhagen tour memorable. Let’s find out the best places to enjoy pizza in Copenhagen.


Get mad over pizza here. Made from local ingredients and combining the original Italian recipes with the Nordic wisdom of cooking, this is the must-try place in Copenhagen. The ambiance, inspired from Italy, makes this a cool place to hang out.


Don’t leave Copenhagen without tasting pizza of this highly acclaimed place. The thin and crispy dough along with fresh ingredients make the pizzas of this joint awesome. There are a few toppings like Thyme of my life that you must try. The seating style has a community feeling that does justice to the name. With warm service, great cocktails and mouth-watering pizzas, the Neighbourhood may turn out to be the best pizza place for you in Copenhagen.


If you like thin crust pizza, this must find a place in your itinerary. The pizzas are simply sumptuous with superb toppings. The best thing is that the pizzas are ideal for a quick lunch. You may take them away to relish on the road. As light dinners, enjoy the ambiance and the crunchy thin crust as you watch night descend on the lovely city.


A gem of Copenhagen, this place gets tourists and local people pouring in to bite into delectable pizzas. It is generally crowded all the time, but you won’t mind that as the pizzas are really good. The crust is crispy, the toppings are awesome and paired with dark Italian beer, you would remember the gourmet experience for years. The service is good too, which makes it a favorite with tourists.

Made in Italy

This has to be good, as the name suggests. Thronged mostly by Italians, this pizza joint is famous as a takeaway. Sublime, with original taste of Italian pizza, visit Made in Italy on your next Copenhagen tour. Don’t forget to taste the margherita here.

Apart from these places, there are a few great places in Copenhagen like Lauras Bakery and Pizza, La Fiorita, and Pz Nordic. If you plan to spend your next vacation in Denmark, don’t miss Copenhagen and its pizza joints.



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